11 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That They Will Die to Receive

11 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That They Will Die to Receive

May 09, 2018

We know you have a million and one things to plan to make sure you get down the aisle in exactly the way you’ve imagined, but it’s important to put a little time aside to think of those who are helping you along the way. We’re talking about your favourite ladies – the bridesmaids. They deserve a little thank you for the incredible support they’re providing to see you as happy as possible as you marry your love. So, that begs the question – what gifts should you choose to show your ‘maids some appreciation? Well, some amazing ideas await:


Why not gift your ladies with a beautiful robe to wear as you all enjoy the ‘getting ready’ on the day? This one’s a classic choice, but it never loses its shine. There are so many options to choose from, which means you can make sure the robes you buy tie in with the theme of your wedding day, the season or your bridesmaids’ personal taste. Whether you choose silk or waffle knit, classic white or stunning florals – your bridesmaids are going to be thrilled. Go one step further and have them monogrammed for extra brownie points!

Monogrammed slippers

If you don’t want to head down the robe path, why not arrange a gift of something beautiful for them to slip their feet into? Monogrammed slippers are a unique option and a present we don’t think your bridesmaids will be able to guess! After all, surprises are always the best. For total luxury, head to Del Toro for the epitome of custom design!

Sleep mask

A silk sleep mask is another item you can coordinate with a robe or even the slippers for a cute gift duo. If the eye mask is the sole gift, why not opt for a more luxurious version? Your bride tribe will be able to rest easy after all the festivities – their job is done, and they deserve many wonderful nights of rest ahead of them!


A piece of jewellery is another classic choice for a bridesmaid gift. Instead of playing it safe with standard silver and cubic zirconia, we suggest wowing the ladies with a statement piece that pops. Give them your best wishes with these gorgeous and vibrant Good Fortune linear drop earrings. The perfect complement to bridesmaids dressed in black.

Accessories organiser

We’ve also found the ultimate luxe brass jewellery organiser to team with jewellery or gift on its own. Your maids will be able to store rings, earrings and bracelets beautifully – no more hiding them away in boxes.

Bridesmaid emergency kit

What’s this? Well, it’s a must-have kit with everything to cater to a fashion, makeup or minor medical emergency. Not only will this kit keep your bridesmaids sailing smoothly throughout your special day, but it makes the perfect travel kit so that they can use it again. These from Pinch Provisions had us at hello. They come in gorgeous cases featuring cute prints or sparkles galore. Trust me. One they get their manicured hands on these, they’ll want to take them everywhere they go!

Instax camera

Selfie queens unite! It’s time to gather your bride tribe and get happy snapping with a sweet instant camera. Of course, your photographer will be doing a brilliant job, but you might find your bridesmaids take a few fabulous candid pics that they can give to the guests on the spot, or use to create some gorgeous polaroid photo displays later.

Personalised stationery set

For the writers and stationery lovers in your tribe, a set of personalised portrait stationery is a truly unique gift. The beauty of these sets is that you can customise them to look just like your best girls! It’s sure to win the hearts of those that like a break from technology from time to time.

Engraved compact

This is one of our favourite gifts! Every girl needs a sleek and shiny compact for their handbag. And what could be better than one that has been engraved with your favourite ladies’ initials? Every time they pull it out of their bag to touch up their lippy, they’ll remember your wedding day and smile.


Many brides give gifts that are just designed to be worn on the day, without a lot of thought put into the future use of the present. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I believe bridesmaids prefer gifts they continue to use long after the wedding.

A pashmina can be worn for the wedding, particularly if the evening is cooler. But, it’s also so versatile that it can be worn many ways and for many occasions after the wedding. If it’s in your budget, look for the real-deal: pashminas hand-made in Nepal make for the most luxurious gift that your bridesmaids will appreciate for years to come.

Leather pouch

Another gift that keeps on giving is a beautiful and classic monogrammed leather pouch. Choose a colour that complements your bridesmaids’ dresses, but also one you know they’ll love on a day to day basis. It’s perfect for keeping phones, touch-up lippie and other essentials in for your special day.

As the women who mean the most to you, your bridesmaids will be doing everything in their power to make your wedding a happy and memorable time. Make sure they know just how special they are to you with a token of appreciation that wows them.

Written by K. Cooper for Bridalosophy

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