12 Things to Reduce Stress During Wedding Planning

12 Things to Reduce Stress During Wedding Planning

March 28, 2018

Although we’re often led to expect that pre-wedding time will be filled with ongoing excitement and joy, it’s usually a rollercoaster of emotions that include stress and nerves. It’s important that you don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling out of sorts. However, we do have some helpful tips to put the spring back in your step and prevent you from turning into a stress ball!

  1. Organizational tools

Just the feeling of being disorganised is a significant contributor to stress. The last thing you need is to feel like everything is buzzing around your head, and you might forget something. Try finding simple tools like checklists, guest lists, vendor lists and budgeting tools to help you out. There are plenty available online, or you can keep them organised in a binder if you’re a traditional pen and paper girl. You can even adapt online time management tools like Trello to keep everything in one place, with pretty images and important due dates.

  1. Let others help

It’s pretty common to feel like you want to do everything yourself. But, trust us! If someone has offered to help, let them! Delegate tasks to anyone who’s willing, from your maid of honour helping with florist research, to your wonderfully crafty mother helping with DIY projects. Even relieving yourself of one thing on your list will make a difference.

  1. Choose organized vendors

You might have a found a photographer that creates the most beautiful sunset photos, or a caterer that makes canapes to die for. But, if you don’t feel assured of their organisational skills, we suggest talking to a few more vendors before making your decision. Even worse, if they are letting you down with neglected communication before you’ve booked them, run for the hills. You hire professionals so that they take care of their end of the business, so you don’t have to. You certainly shouldn’t be worrying if they are going to miss the email you send detailing the final catering numbers.

If you feel like a potential vendor doesn’t ‘get’ what you’re looking for, don’t fight your way through the process, just move on to one who does!

  1. Get perspective

Why are you getting married? Is it so that you can spend your life committed to the one you love? Try to remember those reasons when wedding planning is feeling a bit stressful. There’s bound to be a few hurdles in wedding planning but remember why you’re doing it and don’t get caught up in the little things.

  1. Designate time for wedding planning

Set aside blocks of time to research, make calls, send emails and discuss plans with your partner. If you don’t, you might find it creeps into every aspect of your life, making it hard to concentrate on anything else!

  1. Make time for other things

Don’t feel like planning your wedding has to take over your whole life! Keep up with your usual exercise or hobbies and make them wedding-free zones. You could even take up a new exercise class. Physical activity is one of the best natural ways to bust stress, and it will give you a boost of energy too.

  1. Find someone to talk to

Talking to a trusted friend or family member can be a great way to get something off your chest. If it’s someone who can relate to what you’re worried about, or even better, can offer a solution, you’ll be able to reduce those feelings of stress and move on!

If there’s a specific wedding planning issue you’ve been having trouble with, why not reach out on an online wedding forum. Someone in a similar situation may be able to point you in the right direction.

  1. Play that music!

Take some time out from sifting through potential wedding songs to play music that doesn’t require you to think or make decisions. Throw on a playlist of pop hits that make you want to dance and shake it off. Singing along will help you turn off for a while and put you in a great mood.

  1. Yoga and breathing exercises

Try taking up a yoga class to get some regular relaxation time. As well as stretching and relaxing your muscles, yogic breathing can help to slow your heart rate and provide relief from any feelings of anxiety. Ultimately, this can also help you get better quality sleep which is important for reducing stress. After all, things always look brighter after a good night’s sleep!

  1. Find the funnies

Ask your friends and family if they have any funny wedding stories. It can help a lot to keep a sense of humour when you’re planning your wedding. Hearing these stories will help you see that these little hiccups didn’t ruin their wedding day at all. Everyone loves a good story, after all!

  1. Hang out with your partner (without any wedding talk!)

Instead of turning every conversation into one about wedding planning, make a special effort to connect with your partner doing the things you love; whether that’s going for a hike up a mountain or chilling on the couch with a movie and Chinese take-out. Get back to what makes you guys tick.

  1. Treat yourself to some pampering

Every bride-to-be knows a spa is the place to go for some self-care. Get a massage and facial and walk out without a care in the world!

Are you feeling better about wedding planning now that you have all of these stress-busting tips on hand? I know we are!


Written by K. Copper for Bridalosophy

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