Maid of Honor Duties on Your Wedding Day

Maid of Honor Duties on Your Wedding Day

May 16, 2018

Choosing your Maid of Honor may have been an obvious decision, or you have been torn between a few of your closest ladies. But, we do know you’ve chosen someone genuinely worthy – supportive and trustworthy. On your special day, your Maid of Honor will be by your side every step of the way and therefore have one of the most important roles to play in your wedding. Let’s have a look at just what that role includes:

Keeping the ladies on time

Your Maid of Honor should have a copy of the schedule for the big day. Instead of you having to worry about the finer details, like appointment times for hair and make-up or transport for the bridesmaids, she will make sure it is all going to plan. That way everyone is clear on where they must be and what they will be doing at all times.

Point of contact for vendors

Make your Maid of Honor the first point of contact on your special day, so that you don’t have to be unduly stressed or glued to your phone. Make sure your vendors have the Maid of Honor’s phone number in case there are any last-minute issues that need addressing. You should also give a list of the vendors and their contact details to your Maid of Honor in case she needs to reach out to them.

Keep an eye on you

Your special day is going to be very exciting. That means it will be easy to get carried away and indulge in a little too much bubbly as food and water slip your mind. Your Maid of Honor will be making sure you eat sensibly and keep the bubbles to just one or two glasses. She will have water on standby too because if nerves are getting to you, water is a must. And what about family friends who mean well but tend to stress you out? Well, she’ll be running interference to ensure your day is as calm as possible.

Assist with dressing you

That gorgeous gown is going to take some help getting into, and that’s where your Maid of Honor comes in. She’ll make sure you’re carefully buttoned and laced up without a wrinkle. The Maid of Honor will also help you out with managing your dress when you need to go to the bathroom. She’s really earning her stripes with this job!

Tidy up the bridal suite

Before you all head off to the ceremony, your Maid of Honor will be thinking about when you and your new husband will return to the bridal suite. No doubt you’ll want it looking like a group of women haven’t spent the day being beautified in it. And so, your Maid of Honor will arrange for the room to be tidied up, spick and span for your return later that evening.

Maintaining your gown

At the ceremony, your Maid of Honor has some very important jobs. Primarily, she’ll be helping you look your best. That includes arranging your gown’s train and veil so that you look perfect walking down the aisle and standing at the altar. She’ll also be in charge of bustling your wedding dress when needed.

Holding your bouquet

Once you have been escorted up the aisle to take your place beside your fiancé, your Maid of Honor will hold your bouquet for you. This will leave your hands free for the exchange of rings or for any special touches you include, like a handfasting ceremony.

Safeguard the groom’s ring

If you’re aren’t having ringbearers, or you prefer the ringbearers not actually to hold the rings, the bridal party will be in charge of them. While the Best Man will keep your ring with him, your Maid of Honor will be safeguarding the groom’s ring. It’s common practice for her to keep it on her thumb to ensure it isn’t lost, as she’ll have her hands full with two bouquets at the same time.

Help with hosting

At the ceremony and reception, your Maid of Honor will act as a point of contact for your guests. She’ll be able to help seat them and give them directions to the restrooms, but also direct guests to where they should leave gifts and oversee the signing of the guest book. Generally speaking, she’ll be able to help any guest out to ensure they know where they need to be and make sure they have a good time. You’ll also find your Maid of Honor is the first one up to encourage other people to join her on the dance floor.

Witness the marriage license signing

It’s not written in stone, but it’s often the Maid of Honor and Best Man who are chosen to sign the marriage license as witnesses. If this is your wish, make sure your best lady knows she’ll be required to do this on the big day.

Give a toast at the reception

It’s also common practice these days for a Maid of Honor to give a toast. Although, if public speaking is way out of her comfort zone, it’s best not to pressure her into it. If she’s more comfortable speaking to a smaller audience, there’s always the option of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner instead. Whichever she chooses, short and sweet toasts are the order of the day.

As you can see, your Maid of Honor has an important role to play on your wedding day. She’ll be there supporting you to make sure you have the best day possible – and one you’ll be talking about together for the rest of your lives!

Written by K. Cooper for Bridalosophy

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