Don't Let This T-Shirt Trend Pass you By - WeirdMojo Tees for a Fun Lifestyle

Don't Let This T-Shirt Trend Pass you By

January 19, 2019

Are you looking for a way to reinvent your wardrobe without a costly shopping spree? Upcycling your clothing could be the answer you’re looking for. By making simple modifications to your clothes, by cutting, tying, lacing (even sewing if that’s in your wheelhouse), you can breathe new life into your old clothes and give them a completely different look.

We show you how:

Don't Let This T-Shirt Trend Pass you By - WeirdMojo Tees for a Fun Lifestyle

Neckline cut-outs

One of the fastest ways to makeover a tee or tank is to alter the neckline. Luckily, this only requires a few careful snips of the scissors to get the look.

Option 1 – Round neck to V-neck

Take a crew-neck tee and cut a triangle (like a V-neck) below the collar on the front of the shirt. You can make the cut-out as small or as large as you like depending on how much skin you want to reveal. Most often, you would see this done in the very center. However, an edgy take on the idea sees the cut-out from the center point, out and over one shoulder. This creates an asymmetrical look that is perfect to show off great shoulders!

Option 2 – Laddered V-neck

Now, we’ve got an idea that will take your V-neck cutout as we previously mentioned, to the next level. The look you’ll create here is a ladder-like effect down the V-shape. So, as you cut partway down the V, you’ll want to cut straight across to the other side to create a horizontal strip that joins one side of the V to the other. Just below the strip, you’ll repeat the process, so that you end up with three or four cutout sections within the overall V-shape. The trick is to make sure your “ladder” strips are evenly spaced down the V-neck.

Back cut-outs

Elaborate back cut-outs are also a great way to reinvent an old favourite. The beauty of this look is that you can either have bare skin showing through the cut-outs or wear a tank of a contrasting colour beneath it.

Option 1 – Choose your pattern

If you want your reinvented tee to feature a particular symbol, animal or pattern, then this is the method for you.

Take your time and choose a design that really speaks to your taste. Spider webs, a tree of life, a skull, or a simple geometric design – the choice is yours.

The key to nailing this look is to make a template to work from. You can find free templates online to print out, or if you have some artistic flair, draw one up yourself! Always remember that there should be connecting pieces in your design so that it holds the shape and image you’re looking for.

Option 2 – Just stringy

If there isn’t one design, in particular, you want to create, you could instead cut most of the fabric away on the back of your shirt until you’re just left with strings spanning the back. You can leave it this way if you prefer a looser fit. But, to make the shirt more fitted, you can cut all the strings down the spine and then tie them together in small bunches.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the entire back exposed, then just cut out sections, so you’re left with strings in a V-shape from the neckline to as far down the back as you’re comfortable with.


Do you have a tee lying around that’s longer than you’d like? There’s an easy fix that will not only shorten it up but create a whole new cute vibe. So here, you’re going to turn your tee into a tie-up top.

Don't Let This T-Shirt Trend Pass you By - WeirdMojo Tees for a Fun Lifestyle

Start by marking your ideal length on the tee. Then measure 5 inches (12cm) out from the centre of the shirt (you might fold it in half to make this easier). You’ll want to cut from the side of the shirt in, to that point 5 inches out from the centre. Then cut straight down. (If you were to open the folded tee up at this point, it would have a panel still running down the front of it.) Leaving it folded, round off the bottom of this “tail” and then open it up and cut it right down the middle, so that the tail becomes your two ties.

All that’s left to do is to cut the back of the tee all the way across at your ideal length. When you put it on now, you can tie it up at the front, and it will look cuter than ever!

Lace-up sides

Another dramatic look is to add lace-up sides to your shirt of choice. In fact, this look tends to work really well with tanks in particular.

Start by cutting down the length of the sides – keep in mind that the wider the section you cut, the wider the gap will be (and the more skin that will be showing). Keep these side gaps as even as possible all the way down.

Next cut little slits down the length of the shirt, on each side of the sections you just cut out. These will be the holes for threading the lacing through. Holes around 1.5 inches (4cm) apart will give you quite an open lacing. Make the slits closer together if you’d like the lacing to appear “tighter”.

As for the lacing itself, you can use anything you like – the discarded fabric from the t-shirt (if you stretch it out, it will roll nicely), ribbon, braided embroidery thread, leather – anything you like to create the look that fits your style.

If you’d like to take it a step further, or if you’re using a shirt that easily frays, you can use eyelets or grommets to accent the shirt and create more secure holes for lacing. You will need to use strong fabric glue to secure the eyelets within the fabric holes, to make sure they stay put when washing.

Bows (warning – sewing required)

Cut-outs are all well and good, but what if you could combine a cut-out with a bow and put an entirely new (and cute) spin on an old tee?

The idea here is to cut out a large scoop neck on the back of your t-shirt. Then, you’ll take two lengths of ribbon, (or strips of fabric) and sew them to each side of where the tee’s collar was. When you’re done, you’ll be able to tie them together in a bow, which will secure low behind the neck.

Tip: keep the ties long for a bigger bow, and a statement look.


All that’s left to do now is choose your method and get upcycling!


Written by K. Radford for WeirdMojo

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