Help Save our Oceans with WeirdMojo

Whether your day of relaxation involves lying on the beach, sitting at the end of your dock at your cottage, surfing those killer waves, doing yoga in front of a pristine lake, the one thing they all have in common is water.

If you have turned on the news lately, you know our waterways, especially our oceans are under siege. A growing amount of pollutants are destroying coral reefs and impacting the fish and other sea creatures that call the oceans home. 

What happens to them, happens to us.

One of the commitments we have at WeirdMojo is to help raise funds to support those organizations that have pledged to make a difference concerning our oceans. That is why a portion of the profits on every item sold on WeirdMojo will be donated to these organizations.

We hope together that we can help make a difference.

Dave Hurme

Head Weirdo